Saturday, November 08, 2008

1998 Collector's Choice Series 2

Well. 49 cents buys you something like this on a popular internet auction site. Collector's Choice was apparently the low budget Upper Deck offering during the 90s and also offered up Starquest inserts, which are hanging around in this year's products. This pack was a result of a mildly amusing eBay strategy in which I periodically search for the lowest price+shipping auctions of packs (and occasionally boxes) and see if I can come up with something cheap that I've never or rarely purchased. Note the spot where the originally price sticker was obviously removed from. I wonder if this was ever a $2 pack or something of the like.

This pack is threatening to make me "crash the game", so let's take a look and see what results.

498 - Russ Davis (Davis had a breakout season in '97 but his legacy hasn't really endured.)
369 - Damion Easley (First currently active player of the pack.)
389 - Kevin Appier

448 - Bernie Williams (My favorite Yankee since Don Mattingly)
466 - Jermaine Allensworth (My first "who?" of the pack)

439 - Rich Becker (The card backs are fairly standard for Upper Deck, but they include an annoying cartoony baseball nerd with Did You Know facts.)

508 - Tony Saunders (A flashback to the rainbowy Rays unis)

523 - Jose Canseco (Wow! Here's a document of the forgotten Canseco Blue Jays Years.)

273 - Juan Gonzalez Golden Jubilee (Gonzalez actually went to spring training with the Cardinals this past season, but mysteriously became injured before it was time to set the rosters.)

525 - Jose Cruz Jr. (This card is silver/grey instead of the usual white. I don't feel like figuring this out, so feel free to clue me in if you know why. It's probably a parallel, I'm guessing. This feels like a Wax Heaven pack all of a sudden.)

486 - Orel Hershiser (Okay, to be honest, I just chose to show this card to make Dodgers fans feel a bit uncomfortable. I'm mean.
SQ25 - Nomar Garciaparra (Hell yes! I love QSUTEASRT cards!)


Greg Olsen said...

Collectors Choice - 99 cents SMRP

Nachos Grande said...

I believe the grey/silver borders were used on the "star" players. To the best of my knowledge they aren't parallels - white bordered cards of most of the stars of the day simply don't exist!

night owl said...

Hey, yeah, that Hershiser card ain't funny. (got to find Edmonds in Cubs uniform)

William said...

As a child during the Collector's Choice age, I've busted more packs of this stuff than any other brand. The packs were a cool $0.99 as Greg Olsen said, and the gray borders were for star cars as FanOFreds said. My favorite year was 1995 Collector's Choice SE [Special Edition]. They had silver sig cards [1 per pack]. I remember I pulled a Jeff Bagwell silver sig card when I was 9 or so and I thought I won the lottery.

As many of you probably know, 1998 was the last year of Collector's Choice -- Upper Deck made it into the MVP set, a set with a similar price tag but a more professional look. The 1999 MVP set is one of my all-time favorites.

Thanks for busting this pack!