Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fairfield 7th Inning Stretch

I spent the day shopping for Christmas gifts with my wife. While at Target, I knew I wanted some kind of 'repack box,' but wasn't sure what to get. Ultimately, I decided that $14.99 was a better 'risk' than $19.99 (though I have no idea WHY it is I reached such a conclusion), and I put the "7th Inning Stretch" into the shopping cart. Here is what I was promised: One game-used or Autograph card, One Beckett graded card, One sealed boxed set of 20 cards or more, One major manufacturer sealed pack, One rare insert valued at $15 or higher, One authentic rookie card, and One superstar card of Pujols, A-Rod, Jeter $ more! Get it? SEVEN items... 7th Inning... Yeah, exactly.... So what did I get?

An envelope with cards in it (see below), a pack of 2007 Upper Deck Series Two, a 'box' of 1990 K-Mart Baseball Superstars, and a graded card:

The graded card is a Beckett Mint or better 10 2007 Tristar Prospects Plus Jarrod Parker (D-Backs). According to the 2009 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, this card doesn't warrant mentioning. Of course, that is because TriStar is not listed in the book. This will be given away at some point for sure:

In the white envelope, we find four cards. A 2006 UD Star Attractions game-used Tadahito Iguchi (White Sox). This is the "game-used or autograph" card. I am always looking to add to the stack of giveaway prizes for my various exploits, and this will make a nice addition. I also have a 2006 Topps "National Baseball Card Day" Topps David Wright (Mets). I don't know if this is the "rare insert" or the "Superstar card." I also had a 2008 UD Series 2 Matt Tolbert (Twins) rookie card. I presume this is the "authentic rookie card." Rounding out the envelope is a 2005 Fleer Showcase Roberto Clemente (Showcasing History). Maybe this is the "Superstar card" or this card is worth "$15 or higher." Uh, no, the SCoBBC says $1.50 at most:

That leaves the 2007 pack. Inside we find Chris Gomez (Orioles), Jason Schmidt (Dodgers), Jermaine Dye (White Sox), Carlos Silva (Twins), and Alfonso Soriano (Cubs). Boy, I'm glad I didn't play "Tribe or No Tribe" with this pack:

The K-Mart box is sealed. The cards are listed on the back, and there are no Indians to be had there. Well, that means that some lucky winner will walk away with a sealed box of K-Mart cards eventually (man, can I really say KMart cards and lucky in the same breath?).

My advice: Spend the extra five bucks and get a "real" repack box. Or buy a blaster. Or buy supper and a couple packs of cards. Or just eat the $20 with a drink of water. Just don't bother with the "7th Inning Stretch."

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