Saturday, November 22, 2008

2007 Topps Baseball Series One

at a recent card show I attended with my wife, I managed to pick up three blasters. Two of this product, 2007 Topp Baseball Series One. I'll bust a pack here, and then post the rest of the blaster break over on Waxaholic later tonight.
First, the shiny wrapper...
First card of the first pack;
SWEEEEEEET! Bobby. Love it!
Second card;
Derek Jeter and friends. My wife, bless her, while looking over my shoulder as I rip this pack open says, "What the hell is President Bush doing in the stands at a Yankee game??? and who is that guy???"
That's Mickey Mantle honey...
"Isn't he dead?" she says...
Yes I say.
"Why did they do that? Do they always do that?"
Yes. And I don't know why.
"That's dumb"
Couldn't agree more my love... couldn't agree more.
Card three;
Brad Ausmus - I hope there are no seagulls in Houston....
Card four;
Lance Berkman Own The Game Shiny 1:6 insert
Card five;
Checklist. Cool. I like checklists. I'm gonna mark off the ones I got in a minute.
Card six;

Gary Sheffield - ex Brave.
Card seven;
Gary Matthews
Overall, not a bad pack. I like the design, but I never really noticed before how incredibly thin the card stock is. The backs are okay, and they have career stats which is a big plus.
Catch the other 10 packs over on Waxaholic later tonight...

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