Sunday, November 09, 2008

Menudo (Topps, 1983)

For those of you wanting more Ricky Martin-related stuff in their Pack a Day reading, I present to you Topps' Menudo!  Although I'm not sure if Mr. La Vida Loca is actually on any of these cards. He was in the boy band at some point but maybe not this combination. I'm a poor judge of aging and my knowledge of Meduo is limited to one 25-year-old pack of cards.

The year was 1983. Future hall-of-famers Ryne Sandberg, Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs were all making their cardboard debuts as Major Leaguers. The A-Team ruled, Michael Jackson hit the really-big time with "Thriller" and Plinko debuted on The Price is Right. I'm guessing since Topps went out and made a set of cards for the boy band, Menudo must have been selling some albums at the time as well.
(44) I don't know if you can tell by the scan, but judging by the blur of this guy's hands, he plays a wicked air guitar.

(3) If there ever was an awkward card, this is it. Face it kid, 12-year-olds don't know love so please don't sing about it.

(23) The outfits - lame, no matter what the time period. I'll use this card to mention that most of the cards have little Menudo tidbits on the back in both English and Spanish. There's also the classic Topps puzzle backs. Skip to the end of the post if you want to see what Puzzle C looks like. But I warn you, it's frightening.

(22) I'm calling pandering to the "Tiger Beat" crowd. It doesn't get any cheaper than looking sideways while riding a horse. Have I mentioned these cards are really bright and that Topps should use it as the basis for 2009 Topps Heritage Baseball.
(25) Rumor has it these shirts were prototypes for camoflage shirts for those wanting to hide in crates of McDonald's fry boxes. They never made it past the prototype stage.

1980s Topps Sticker! (16) I knew I bought this pack for a reason and it wasn't headache-inducing brightly colored pixel backgrounds.

(33) Little-known Menudo fact: This incarnation of the band disbanded after they got into a fight with a couple of kids named Ponyboy Curtis and Soda Pop.

(59) R Kelly sang "I Believe I Can Fly" for the Space Jam soundtrack. I think this kid wins with those wings in his hair.

(4) Why did I spend a dollar on this crap?

(17) Apparently the rumors were true. Anytime was good for a party with Menudo - even when your plain crashes.

(44) Seriously, I could have gone to McDonald's and had a cheeseburger rather than getting this pack.
And now for the grand finale, the image for Puzzle C (from the back of card 4). Collect all 24 pieces and you get:

Seeing as how it's Sunday night, here's some football, Menudo style:


morineko said...

Menudo videos appeared during the ABC Saturday morning cartoon blocks when this pack was issued. I'm old enough to remember them but too young to be in the target audience.

Without them, would Morning Musume exist?

SJ said...

In the mid-80s, my cousin who was born in '70 was all about Menudo. She'd sit and look at their album and I'd be confused as to why. 1985's answer to the Backstreet Boys. -Scott

Captain Canuck said...

Love it! I love non-sport packs.
But even I have limits.
Dude. Seriously.
How about Kiss instead?

Ryan Cracknell said...

KISS you say? As a matter of fact I busted a 1982 Donruss Fun Packs bag whilst the scanner's been down for the last month. There was the baseball goodies, but the non-sport was indeed the painted warriors who gave me nightmares as a kid. Results will be in when I get around to it.

dayf said...

Well, there goes my theory that every set produced in 1983 was awesome. I do think a Heritage set based on this design would kick ass though.

capewood said...

I could have lived happily for years without ever seeing this set. I kind of missed the whole Menudo thing. I was to old and my kids were too young.

But thanks for sharing.

Endangered said...

I don't think anyone will care but the little guy in pink is Ricky Martin. LOL

kevincrumbs said...

Wow. This is amazing... this has to be in the top five of all packs ever posted here. Sure beats some new fangled shiny Upper Deck pack with three cards in it.