Wednesday, November 05, 2008

2008 Goudey

I have no idea when I bought this pack. It was sometime over the last couple of weeks. You've seen plenty of this set before, I know. The wrapper is predominantly red, white and blue (with a hint of green... y'know... sustainability is the rage these days) and there was a genuine American President in the pack, so I'll go through this pack here and eventually sort it into my collection.

147 - Freddy Sanchez

95 - Vladimir Guerrero
43 - Jermaine Dye

189 - Vernon Wells Mini Blue Back (Minis are great. I'm not sure that it was necessary to print them with various text colors on the back. Some parallels are cool, but many are not.)

6 - Max Scherzer (RC) (Just... don't... look at Max's face here. I would be really mad if I was drawn that way.)
188 - David Murphy

136 - Rollie Fingers (I never think of Fingers as an A's pitcher. I love getting cards of players pictured, or drawn, with their old teams, though.)
249 - Andrew Johnson (Oh... right. It took an assassination of Lincoln to get this guy into office. Maybe this isn't so happy after all.)


DanGarion said...

Why is Derek Jeter saying things?

morineko said...

At least they got Scherzer's eyes right. Sort of.

madding said...

Actually, if you flip the cards over, it turns out that Jeter has nothing to say at all!

ernest of canada said...

Rollie is God.