Sunday, November 16, 2008

1990 Topps Big Series Two

I went to a card show today and picked up some horrifically bad junk wax out of a 10 for a dollar box. They had stuff like 1989 Donruss, 100 Fleer and 1990 Topps football but I didn't get any of that. That's mainly because the packs were all OPEN. Every dang one except for the poly or cello packs (and even a few of them too) were open. I'm not buying an open pack of 1989 Donruss even for a penny because I know damn well WHY they are open. Instead I got a few unopened non-sports packs and two tightly sealed cello packs of Topps Big. Here's the 1990 series two pack, I'll open up the series one pack tomorrow.

197 Eric Anthony
162 Frank Viola
118 Terry Steinbach
203 Ozzie Smith
153 George Bell
146 Craig Worthington
209 Bob Geren

Aw yeah, a Lemmer! Screw everything else, that card is the pinnacle of my card show experience. See kids, this is why you don't buy opened packs. If soemone had searched them, they would surely have snatched the Lemke up and replaced it with some worthless junk like Barry Bonds. This is a really bizarre looking set though. This originally started off as a tribute to 1956 Topps, but in its third (and last) set the design started to go really crazy. Of course if you were to go back in time and hand these cards to a kid in 1956 and tell them that this was a card form 1990They'd probably think that was about right and then ask you for a ride in your flying car. The pack itself isn't half bad. There's one certified Legend (Lemke), a Hall of Famer in Ozzie, two certified stars in Viola and Bell and I guess Steinbach was a decent player. The rest, meh.But 5 of 8 cards are decent so it's less than half bad. The cartoons on the back are stellar as usual, featuring mostly minor league highlights with a couple of bad puns thrown in. George Bell's cartoon caught my eye though

because it looks awfully similar to a card I just got from Treasure Never Buried.

If Porky just had a newspaper to read, he wouldn't be so bored!

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