Saturday, November 22, 2008

2008 Topps Chrome Baseball

Before launching into this post, I feel the need to recognize one of the institutions of American broadcasting that died an all-too-early death: The CBS Garfield Network Special.
Yes, I believe some of the Garfield holiday specials may make the occasional appearance, but the others, the ones that were shown in closer proximity to Arbor Day than Christmas Day, never really make it back to the airwaves. I'm talking about Garfield on the Town, where he's in search of his mother. I'm talking about Garfield in the Rough, the one with the panther attack and the "Run Run, I'm Afraid, Run Run, I'm Afraid" chant you know and love. I'm even talking about the oddball Garfield: His 9 Lives special, the uneven experiment in animation wherein Garfield assumes nine different identities, the worst of all being that of a watercolor-drawn, pampered-princess-type cat that has the good sense to die on the piano.
Why am I bombarding you with this obvious sickness of mine. It's because of what this pack of Topps Chrome got stuck in my head. What I'm referring to is the crucial moment in one of the lost specials (and yes, I realize you gan get them on DVD, but it's just not the same), Garfield in Paradise, where Jon Arbuckle's rental car becomes an object of worship to the Polynesian natives. Upon spying the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, the entire village begins bowing and chanting the following phrase over and over:

Sorry if you've seen the show and it gets stuck in your head.
On to the pack!

178 Jo-Jo Reyes (Joey..Jo-Jo...Junior...Shabbadoo?) (Heck, it's even funny auf Deutsch...)

TCCP8 Ryan Braun T205

31 Justin Morneau X-Fractor

9 Joe Mauer

Pretty nice pack. I think I'll fire up the Garfield Thanksgiving DVD some day this week.

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