Sunday, November 09, 2008

1991 Stadium Club, Series 2

Remember when Stadium Club hit the scene in 1991? That Frank Thomas card with the young slugger in full swing? The awesome photography! Nolan Ryan in a tuxedo. Then they made Series II and sold them at McDonald's. The presses ran on those forever. Go get your three chicken fajitas, picante sauce, and a large coke and join me for a trip back to the summer I was ten. '91 Stadium Club, Series II.

Checklist 301-400, ugh
Matt Merullo, the heir apparent to Carlton Fisk
Chuck McElroy
Gerald Perry
Lloyd McClendon
Mike Heath
Mike Witt, it seems like everyone in this pack changed teams in the off season
Brian Downing
Glenn Davis, as an Oriole
Gary Scott, I know this will be worth money someday!
Roberto Alomar
Bernard Gilkey

None of these cards are even scan worthy but I guess I should include a photo of something...


Andy said...

Nothing scan-worthy? You did get one for sure first-ballot HOFer.

Mike S said...

Matt Merullo is the lone player from my hometown of Ridgefield, CT to make the majors. I once paid 25 cents for this common - totally worth it. ;)

William said...

I have that Gary Scott card, I remember when I was younger I thought it was really valuable because the back of the card lists the actual card as his rookie. Turns out I wasn't too smart when I was younger.

William said...
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