Saturday, November 22, 2008

2007 Topps Chrome

These packs are all over the Target $1.59 boxes. If they sold them for $1.59 in the first place there might not have been so many lying around to be discounted. If I don't buy them, the poor things will end up in a repack box, so I rescued this one from that horrible fate.

218 Alex Rodriguez
277 Chase Wright RC
30 John Smoltz Xfractor
82 Melvin Mora

Yeah, John Smoltz Xfractor! The card looks like someone won a game of Yar's Revenge. Man, I hope someone gets that reference or I'm going to feel really old. A-Rod is A-Rod. Can't complain about getting one of his cards. The Melvin Mora card looks pretty good with the horozontal action shot and bright orange jersey. I didn't scan it because these chrome cards are impossible to scan. I got a rookie card, but it's of the guy who gave up 4 straight homers to the Red Sox in 2007. Eh, it's a rookie. People go nuts over Chrome rookies. Good pack right here. I need to go pull out the Atari 2600 now and shoot some Quotiles.


Scott C. said...

You still have a working 2600?! Still some of my all time favorite games - frogger, pitfall, asteroids. And yes, Yar's Revenge.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago I got an Atari Flashback. All of the great games from the past, none of that pesky cartridge switching.

Ben said...

I've still got a working 2600 that my parents bought when I was 2. 25 years later it still works just fine. I love Yars' Revenge.

madding said...

Awesome. I love Yars' Revenge. It's up with Astroblast among my 2600 favorites. And that Seaquest game, too...