Friday, November 21, 2008

2008 Topps Stadium Club retail

2008 Topps Stadium Club retail [$2.99 each x3] - I'm not saying this is a great product but then it may not be so bad, if you are somewhat of a 'true' collector as opposed to a box breaker hunting down hits like there is no tomorrow.

Pack One
#49 John Smoltz
#134 Wladimir Balentien - as I've read, it seems like there are two or three rookies in each pack. I'm sure however, most of the cards aren't likely first-year and/or true rookie cards.
#140 Max Scherzer

#BTA-BH Brad Hawpe Beam Team autograph
#117 Hernan Irribaren 1st Day Issue insert
David Wright filler

Pack two
#91 Jackie Robinson
#121 Matt Tolbert
#71 Grady Sizemore
#127 Blake DeWitt

#114 Michael Aubrey 1st Day Issue insert - I remember when the original parallel versions [back in the 1990s] were at least one per box or one every two boxes.
David Wright filler

Pack three
#86 Justin Morneau
#40 Eric Chavez
#95 Honus Wagner

#135 Jeff Niemann - serial #'d 778/999

#111 Ryan Tucker - 1st Day Issue insert
David Wright filler


dayf said...

8 Rookies in three packs, wow. Nice autograph, is that card see-though plastic?

William said...

Well it seems you took all my hits, so I'm not buying any packs of TSC this year hahaha

Laurens said...

Card is see-through plastic.