Sunday, November 02, 2008

2006 Bowman Heritage

This here Bowman Heritage doohickey is the last of the four-pack dusty Fairfield repack box I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I am opting not to post the 5-card 2007 Upper Deck pack that was also showing on the side of the box. It had some card from a Cal Ripken insert set and nothing else worth remembering. This is the first time I've seen anything from this set, and being a sucker for all things Heritage, I decided to save this pack for last.

BHP46 - Brandon Jones

BHP98 - Stephen Englund (I'm sick to death of getting Brandon Jones cards from the 2008 products, so I opted to show Englund's card instead. Who is Englund? I have no idea. If I had gotten around to posting this before Halloween, I would have made some sort of Nightmare on Elm Street reference. Instead, I'll consult baseball-reference. Whoa, bright things may not be in this kid's future. While he's only 20, he's got a lifetime minor league batting average of .203 and hasn't progressed beyond A-ball.)

290 - Stephen Drew Chrome (A shiny thick card, similar to the 1-per-pack parallels that came in the 2007 set.)
142 - Brandon Phillips
30 - Jim Thome (Thome is perfect for this portrait photo dominated set.)
128 - Ben Sheets (Will Sheets ever stay healthy? I'd feel bad for the Brewers, but they made the playoffs this season and the Cardinals didn't. And the Cards also have their share of pitcher injury issues.)

251 - Mickey Mantle (This is definitely the nicest looking card of the bunch. Mantle's photo just looks like it fits here, even though the 1949 design predates his cards by just a bit.)

152 - Scott Hatteberg Mini (To be honest, I'm not sure exactly where this card fell in the pack, because when I pulled out the stack of cards initially the mini was left behind in the wrapper. Minis are nice. Hatteberg is pretty meh.)

With 8 cards in the pack and only 4 from the actual base set, this seems like it would be a pretty obnoxious set to try and collect. Maybe the hobby packs make it a bit easier, but I'm not sure. I'm also not all that wild about the design (or at least what they did with it), but I'm sure I'd still buy more packs of these if they were cheap enough.

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