Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Awesomest Pack of 2008 Goudey Ever!

EVAN by you.
Okay, there's a slight chance that I'm setting unrealistic expectations here. But I picked up another blaster of Goudey at Target this weekend, and this pack in particular rocked my world:

151 Bill Mazeroski - I love the copy on the Goudey card backs; this one drops "big flies" and "taters" in consecutive sentences.

99 Chad Billingsley - Was 12-5, 3.31 in 2007.

47 Johnny Bench - With nifty red wristband.

127 Phil Rizzuto - No mention of his assist to "Paradise By the Dashboard Light"? What a travesty!

122 Alex Rodriguez - "Pelted" an MLB best 54 homers? That verb choice ain't doing it for me.

18 Eddie Murray - YES! The fourth retired player in this pack is one bad mamma jamma.
EDDIEG by you.

200 Evan Longoria RC - He didn't have such a hot World Series, but that won't stop him from being a runaway Rookie of the Year winner.

148 Adam LaRoche - His name is French for "Adam the Roach". Except, you know, I made that up.


Nate Roth said...

On the Longoria card, why does it say "Ken Griffey Jr says.." with a corresponding Derek Jeter photo. The other card is consistent.

What's that all about?

Kevin said...

Wow, I didn't even notice that! Must be an error. Good catch!

madding said...

I believe "belted" was the word they were looking for. Pelting is something you do with pebbles or other small objects.

--David said...

Maybe if he had been HIT by that many pitches, "pelted" would have worked.... As we have seen repeatedly, the quality control just isn't there anymore.