Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Football Masterpieces Hobby

I splurged last weekend and got a pack of Hobby Football Masterpieces. I spent too much and I probably would have been better off getting Heritage High Series or some Donruss Threads, but I crumbled in a moment of weakness. Didn't do too bad though, let's check it out on this Turkey Day full of terrible, terrible football. All the blowouts you can eat!

56 Kevin Smith

This is my third Kevin Smith card from this set. They are really promoting the hell out of Zach and Miri Make a Porno.

68 Peyton Manning

Got the guy on the wrapper, nifty.

58 Limas Sweed

I don't know who any of these rookies are. This guy sounds like the title character of a Dickens novel.

CC56 Ray Rice Captured on Canvas

Who? It's a pretty purple jersey swatch at least...

8 Brett Favre

Some old drama queen. At least the floating spectre of Vince Lombardi isn't haunting the card.

89 Wes Welker

Eh, another double.

Got a hit of someone I don't know who it is, so that's a good pack right? I did better on my baseball pack. Did I mention I got a baseball pack? Well I did. I might show it off sometime. Or, maybe I might just save it for myself. We'll see.

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Kevin said...

That Rice card is awesome! He's a rookie from Rutgers, and is one-third of the Ravens' running back combo. Pretty popular guy around here - more popular than Willis McGahee, anyway.