Friday, November 28, 2008

2007 Topps '52

While everyone else is out shopping and fighting over slightly discounted iPhones and robotic squirrels (or whatever is the new must-have gadget this year) I'm inside sports that I don't care about and trying to organize stacks of cards that need my attention. He's a pack I got a couple of weeks ago in the Target bargain bin. It's a simple concept: a set full of players that made their major league debut sometime in 2007 with a "heritage" style card stock and using the classic (and incredibly overused) 1952 Topps design. Of course, it's Topps, so they had to mess it up by short-printing cards and creating silly variations. Still, it's Heritage-esque so I had to buy it and try it out.

66 - Jailen Peguero (Buh? It looks like this guy started the 2008 season with the big club, was quickly demoted and then got a call-up when the rosters expanded in September. He'll be 28 next season, so I think I'll hold off on investing in him.)
106 - Eric Stults (Huh? Have I heard of Stults or do I just have another card of his laying around somewhere? He apparently made his debut in 2006, which throws off my unfounded theory about this set a bit. He'll be 29 next season and made 7 starts for the Dodgers last year.)

214 - Kevin Hooper (Beckett tells me this is an SP. Oh thank you, mighty overlords! Hooper looks like he's posing at the park down the street from my apartment. I don't feel like looking him up to find out what he's up to.)
113 - Mike Schultz (Another soon-to-be 29 year old Diamondbacks pitcher. He's pitched exactly 1 inning in his major league career and was AWOL for 2008. I'm starting to turn against this set.)

130 - Tim Lincecum (Alright, fine, Topps. You win. This is apparently the more common variety of Lincecum card from the set.)

163 - Juan Gutierrez (Gutierrez was part of the Jose Valverde deal last offseason and spent the entire 2008 season in AAA for the D-Backs affiliate.)

There was a second pack of these that I've already opened, but I think I'll spare you all the gory details. I need to find the rest of the Cardinals in this set (all I have is Kelvin Jimenez) and put it behind me forever.


AlbuqwirkE said...
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zman40 said...

Hooper is the new manager of the Wichita Wingnuts (independent, American Association). Last year, he was their best player.

madding said...

He's a manager now? That's really strange!