Sunday, November 02, 2008

WABAC Machine: 1990 Upper Deck

Oh crud, we didn't get a pack up yesterday! I had a post-Halloween party to hit up, so I hope you'll forgive me. Here's another'un from the repack I just grabbed. It's from the infancy of Upper Deck, their sophomore effort if you wiiilllll.

330 Doyle Alexander - He must have had the longest arms of any pitcher in history. In every photo they're dangling around his knees.

382 Frank White - 1990 was the final year of Frank's distinguished 18-season career in KC.

444 Craig Worthington - Nice photo of Craig running the bases in Memorial Stadium as a Boston defender looks to the outfield.
Craig Worthington by you.

426 Jerry Browne - I never realized that Jerry had some GUNS.

223 Vince Coleman - "Vincent Van Go" may be the only baseball player nicknamed for an impressionist painter who cut off his own ear.

216 Jose Rijo - His name rolls off the tongue: HO-zay REE-ho.

582 Rick Wrona - I wish it was "Wrick".

559 Ken Howell - Passed through the Orioles organization in one offseason, arriving from LA in the Eddie Murray trade and heading to Philly in exchange for Phil Bradley.

Indians logo sticker

612 Gary Mielke - This Minnesota native sported a fashionable mustache, to warm him during those bitter cold winters.

700 Checklist 601-700

197 Hubie Brooks - And his sidekick, Mr. Umpire!
Hubie Brooks by you.

155 Paul Kilgus - The photo on the back shows him batting. Did Upper Deck start the "pitchers batting" photo craze?

62 Mets Checklist (Dwight Gooden) - The full complement, from A-Aase to W-Whitehurst.

15 David West - "Was key part of 5 pitcher deal with Mets for Frank Viola." Yeah, how'd that work out? To be fair, the Twins also got Kevin Tapani, who was a key starter for several years.

617 Jose Guzman - Complete with stray holographic angel dust on the front.

Okay, that pack was a lotta nothin'. But the final part of the repack was a little more exciting. (TEASE!)


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I love the pic of Hubie Brooks showing him in a beanbrawl. Upper Deck was cool that way.

Paul Hadsall said...

Upper Deck had some great photography that really stood out from the competition in the early 1990s.

--David said...

Hmmm.. David West was KEY... Key... West... Key West... Weren't those UD writers clever?

William said...

That umpire was just easin' the tension on's all in the hips.

capewood said...

Was Hubie trying out for Dancing With The Stars?