Wednesday, April 16, 2008


When we last heard from dayf, he revealed his mid-1980s passion for coin collecting. The first thing that came to mind after hearing this was Nelson Muntz: "Stamp collection...HA-HA!"
Actually, my dad was, and still is, a big stamp collector. He tried to get me into the hobby, but hinges, soaking, and Magyar Posta just couldn't compare to gum stains, screw-down holders, and Alvaro Espinoza.

1943 Wheat Pennies, bitches!

And now for something completely different...
More from my late-2007 darling of a set. I'd better watch myself, or I'll be trying to complete the thing soon.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
74 Chase Wright (No stats for 2008 yet. But for some reason, all the people I know who are having babies are throwing Chase into the name mix. Gets a thumbs down from me, though.)

61 Joe Smith (Sweet Pea?)
TCRC10 Tony Abreu Chrome (1085/1952)

170 Justin Upton
148 Mark McLemore (Unfortunately not the "Supersub" who collected POGS. Seriously, check out the link to learn MMcL the First. Crazy stuff.)

138 Curtis Thigpen (Again, still trying to crack the Blue Jays '08 lineup.)

Pretty good pack, but not even close to the stuff that will be posted on Thorzul Will Rule tonight. Viva 'mericana!

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