Monday, April 21, 2008

Live Box Break #3 2008 UD Spectrum Monday at 10:00pm

Box break is tonight! 10:00pm! Be there or be somewhere else doing something productive with your life square!

It has been decided: Monday, 10:00pm will be Fastest Box Break Ever #3 - a Blaster of 2008 UD Spectrum.

On that night I will get online at 10:00pm Eastern time, 7:00pm Pacific and live blog the opening of a UD Spectrum Blaster that I will purchase that afternoon. I will rip each pack, post the cards in the pack and scan the best card. There will be two contests:

Contest 1
Each box of Spectrum has seven packs with one pack guaranteed to have relic card in it.
Guess which pack has the relic!
To enter: post here your guess which pack has the relic, a number between 1-100 and your guess on which player is on the card.
Pick the right pack and you have a chance to win. The tie breaker if more than one person picks the same pack is the number from 1-100. Closest to the number of the first card in the pack wins.
Winner gets their choice of:
Bad Autograph card
Relic card
Numbered insert card
If you guess the player on the card you win all three whether you guessed the pack right or not! First person to pick the player wins, so don't you all pick the same guy.
The checklist is here, don't pick someone who is not in the set!

Contest 2
Three trivia questions will be asked during the box break. To keep it topical, one question will be about baseball, one will be about bad music (to honor all the hair metal band autographs in the set) and one will be something unexpected...
First person to answer it right wins a bubble mailer packed full of cards. I'll cram as much stuff as I can get in there safely. Expect an eclectic mix.
Only one prize per person! I'm sending out four bags of stuff!

This thread is the official pack guessing thread, so make your guesses and see you on Monday!

Update - bumped to top again.


Russ said...

Pack 4
Adam Laroche

mmosley said...

Pack 2

Captain Canuck said...

Pack 2
Johnny Estrada

and if Russ is right... Roach is mine!

Unknown said...

Pack 1
Josh Beckett

burnsee2 said...

Pack 6
Aramis Ramirez

sardius said...

Pack 7
Greg Maddux

deal said...

Pack 5
Russell Martin

jackplumstead said...

Pack 3
Jose Reyes

Alex said...

Pack 5
Adrian Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

Pack 3
Matt Holliday

darkship said...

Pack 6
I Rod (ivan rodreguez)

Mr. RedSox said...

Beware the 2008 UD Spectrum. I broke 3 hobby boxes and out of the 4 relics, 3 autos, and 2 Spectrum of Stars autos.....3 of the relics, 2 autos, and 1 of the Spectrum of Stars autos were damaged. Two of the relics were low numbered patches. I sent them back to UD and they said they will try their best to replace them but on the patches I am not hopeful. This is also a trend I have heard from the owner of my local card shop is happeninga lot. Either way it is a neat set and I pulled some really nice cards.

DaveH said...

Pack 5
Freddy Sanchez

Zpop said...

Pack 1, 89, Ryan Braun

Jeff K. said...

Pack 3
Jermain Dye

Billy Suter said...

pack #7

MIKE said...

Pack 5
Jason Schmidt

sruchris said...

Pack #3
Omar Vizquel

Dinged Corners said...

Pack 3
Grady Sizemore

Unknown said...

Pack 4
Barry Zito

Default said...

Pack 1
Alfonso Soriano

Mike S said...

Pack 4
Torii Hunter

dayf said...

Ok, time's up.

Trivia contest starts now.

dayf said...

Actual pack - pack 2
first card number - 32

mmosely wins!

darkship picked Ivan Rodriguez who was on the card so he also wins!