Friday, April 18, 2008

Live Box Break #3

Bumped agin.

It looks like three whole people are interested so I'll do it just for them. Everybody else can go take a flying leap into an inflatable pool of Jello pudding pops.

It looks like we're down to three choices:
1) Blaster of Spectrum
2) '90-'91 Pro Set Hockey Series 1
3) '94 Leaf Series 1

I'm going to go see which of those I can find and I'll post the time of the break and the contest rules this afternoon. You also might get an actual pack rip if you're nice to me...


Bumped to the top to see if there's any interest.

Seriously, does anyone care or should I just save my twenty bucks?


Ok it's that time again on A Pack A Day. I was originally going to open a box of Finest for this edition of "Fastest Box Break Ever" but I'm not interested in plunking down three Jacksons for a Rip Master autograph and a couple of refractors. So, I'll need some input from the readers on this one. I have two questions:

1) What box should I open?

I'm thinking Spectrum would be good since it's brand new, there are 4 cards per pack (much easier to type) and there's a jersey per blaster. If there's something else you'd rather see ripped, let me know. The guidelines are basically $20 or less. Anything goes as long as I can find it on the shelf at a big box store or in the junk wax at the hobby shop. The only blasters I won't rip is UD Masterpieces or '07 Topps since I have the sets already. I'll even do a TriStar "Find the '52" repack if you want to subject me to that fresh hell. Go ahead and give me a second choice too in case I can't find a particular box.

2) What time should I rip?

Your choices here are:
Friday night 10pm
Monday night 10pm
Sometime on the weekend

Weekends are usually dead around here, but it's will give me time to breathe in case you guys are evil and insist on a 36 pack junk box. 10pm allows both east and west coasters a chance to tune in and watch.

Let me know in the comments and I'll get the box, figure out a giveaway and get ready to rip.


darkship said...

I say do the spectrum. I've gotten a couple of blasters and pulled some nice stuff including a short printed jersey card

dayf said...

A question on the spectrum blasters for anyone who's opened one:

Is the jersey card inserted into one of the packs or is it in it's own little bonus pack?

darkship said...

It's in one of the packs

Captain Canuck said...

ya gotta go with a '90/'91 Pro Set hockey Series I box.

and anytime is fine, just post the time a day in advance so we have notice

Russ said...

here's the random entry: 1994 Leaf Series 2

TheJaw said...

I would like to see the Spectrum as well. Monday @ 10pm is a good time.

Dinged Corners said...

Spectrum please.

dayf said...

Ok, Spectrum it is!