Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1984 Fleer

I picked up this pack cheap online recently in a fit of Fleer nostalgia. I didn't buy a lot of Fleer in '84 as I was in the middle of my coin collecting period, but I later bought almost a full box of the stuff from a friend who got bored with collecting. No Mattingly of course. It seems like I couldn't possibly have gotten through '84 without opening at least a pack of this stuff, but I didn't open much.

A note on the wrapper before I get to the cards - This is the most difficult to open pack I've ever seen. With vintage packs I try to be gentle when opening them so I can keep the wrapper mostly in one piece, but this one was practically superglued together. Needless to say, the wrapper is no longer mint.

Braves sticker - off to a good start!
421 Odell Jones - Odell has the old logo on the jersey and the new one on the card. I always liked the old one better.
32 Kevin Gross - Good lord, the Vet was literally held together by Duct Tape. The cables hanging everywhere in the background don't look OSHA approved either.
340 Dave Von Ohlen - Um, Dave... if you're gonna chaw down on some Skoal, it's best to take it out of the can first.
91 Alan Trammell - Yay! A star! '84 was a good year for Alan.
481 Gary Redus looks sad. :(
640 Bench and Yaz - Nothing needs to be said about this card. Just enjoy.
315 Mark Thurmond looks like some dude in a fantasy camp. That can't be a real jersey.
36 Charles Hudson - More cables just hanging down off the ceiling. That place was a deathtrap!
359 Don Slaught - I like the seats in the background. You don't often get the underneath view of stadium seats.
282 Bobby Ramos - There's no way that's a real stadium behind Bobby. It has to be an Olan Mills backdrop or something.
155 Jim Gott is in possession of the only baseball seen in this pack.
361 U.L. Washington - You can't see the toothpick, but you know it's there.
512 Bobby Clark - I have to scan the back of this card. Bobby has a bigger wad of chew than Dave Van Ohlen.
322 Bob Forsch - Cardinal workhorse.
128 Jay Howell - Ever since I get his autograph at Fanfest, I've been pulling his cards right and left. I've had enough to be honest.

Not too bad a pack, I got a couple of stars and three cards I needed for the set. Here's that picture of Bobby with a face full of tobacco I promised you.


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