Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1995 Select

I've waited thirteen years to bust a box of 1995 Select.

Yep, thirteen years.

When 1995 Select was released card collectors everywhere went batshit over it. Why you ask? It's all because of the sticker sealing the lid of the waxbox.

of 24
of 4950

Only 4,950 24-box cases were made and each waxbox was serial numbered.

Big deal, right?

Well, armed with that information (and other variables such as pack insertion ratios and set size) mathematically-inclined collectors were able to calculate exactly how many copies of each card were made.

So even though none of the individual cards were serial numbered; nonetheless, you could figure out that there were 9900 copies of each Can't Miss, 4950 Big Sticks, and 3168 Sure Shots inserts printed. But more importantly, there were only 475 copies of each one-per-box Artist Proof parallel were made. 475 copies may not seem all that scarce -- at least to the collector of 2008 -- but in 1995 it was, and that's why The Hobby went batshit over '95 Select.


Just to make things, interesting, I will attempt to write one or two sentences about each player, as if I had written them in 1995. In addition, I will not use a period at the end of any sentence.

Mike Greenwell
Mike was shafted in the 1988 AL MVP balloting!

Randy Johnson
In 1995, Heather Roszell turned six!

Roger Clemens
In 1995, Roger was five years into a relationship with 20-year-old country music star Mindy McCready! Guys Do It All the Time, indeed!

While informed about the enfolding O.J. Simpson "White Bronco" chase, Man-Ram reportedly responded, "What did Chad do?"

Midre Cummings (Select Rookie)
Popular baseball card blogger Chris Harris once spent $20 on a lot of Midre Cummings rookie cards!

Chad Mottola (SR)
Chad was the Reds First-Round draft pick in 1992!

Brad Woodall (SR)
Brad was the International League's Pitcher of the Year for 1994!

Dave Winfield
On July 31, 1994 Dave was traded from the Twins to the Indians for a player to be named later! After the two teams failed to come to an agreement, the Indians "traded" Dave back to the Twins -- FOR A DINNER TAB!

You're supposed to get 10 cards in a pack, but as you can see, I only received eight. In the rest of the box, I received one pack that had nine cards, but the other 22 packs had the allotted 10 cards.

The video box bust is already on YouTube, and the full review will be on Stale Gum later this week.

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