Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2008 UD Spectrum Live Blaster Rip

Ok, live box break is coming up in less than a half an hour. You've got about 15 minutes to guess which pack the relic is in. Ten minutes before the break I'll post the first Trivia Question so you have time to Google around for the answer before the break. The next two questions will be during the rip itself. One prize per person so don't be a Mr. Know It All and try to answer everything.

Ok, time for the trivia to start. First up is the baseball question, first person to answer correctly in the comments wins a prize. One prize per person!


Derek Jeter has an insert set in 2008 Spectrum. He has won the Rookie of the Year award but not the MVP award.

Name the player who came in second to Jeter for the Rookie of the Year in 1996, and the player who beat out Jeter for the MVP in 2006.

Box break in less than ten minutes....




Lets rip!

Pack 1:
6 Jeff Francouer
97 Alex Rios
82 Tim Lincecum
DJ74 Derek Jeter jumps inna stands

Pack 2

32 Troy Tulowitzki
SDS-VR Justin Verlander & Ivan Rodriguez Duel Swatches 67/99
52 Prince Fielder
78 Greg Maddux

Question time


2008 Spectrum has a lot of entertainment autographs from 80's hair metal band members, but they didn't get the signatures of these two guys.

Find and post the YouTube link to the video of the guy who sings "Chocolate Rain" doing a karaoke version of "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Yes, I'm serious. If you are unhappy with this question post a YouTube link to something even more terrible, because I'll be checking every link posted tonight.

Pack 3
58 Joe Mauer
45 David De Jesus
65 Robinson Cano
YSL 315 Tony Lazzeri

Pack 4
19 Derrek Lee
71 Jimmy Rollins
26 Adam Dunn
13 Daisuke Matsusaka

Question time


The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the range of all possible electromagnetic radiation, from long wave radio waves to gamma waves and includes visible light.

The base cards in 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum have a blue background. What is the length in nanometers of the wavelength of the color blue?

PAck 5
36 Gary Sheffield
62 Jose Reyes
91 Carl Crawford
DJ50 Derek Jeter does something

Pack 6
49 Brad Penny
88 Scott Rolen
39 Dan Uggla
12 David Ortiz

Pack 7
18 Carlos Zambrano
23 Jim Thome Orange Parallel 191-399
1 Chris Young
YSL290 Lou Gehrig

Ok that's the box! Let me fix some of these typos (David Prtiz??) and I'll go check to see who won!


Pack with the hit - pack 2
Tulo's card number - 32

mmosely wins!

darkship picked Ivan Rodriguez who was on the card so he also wins!


Question 1 - thorzul drops the Jeter knowledge!

Question 2 - andrew posted the youtube video! (sorry brian, had to be the link to the video)

Question 3 -burnsee2 was first in with 450 nanometers!


Kevin has to get something for this wonderful video he posted!

maybe a punch in the nose, but he's gotta get something! THANKS FOR PLAYING!


burnsee2 said...
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Unknown said...

James Baldwin and Justin Morneau, respectively.

William said...

Without looking, I'm going to say Bobby Higginson came in second in '96 and Big Papi won in 2006.

William said...

Ahh fack Thorzul clowned me.

Captain Canuck said...


Default said...


burnsee2 said...

450 nm

burnsee2 said...

450 nm

Russ said...

475 nm

Captain Canuck said...

I'll say 425 just to be different

Default said...

Using my Price is Right technique, 400 nm

Kevin said...

You asked for it dayf...


dayf said...


Actual pack - pack 2
first card number - 32

mmosely wins!

darkship picked Ivan Rodriguez who was on the card so he also wins!


thorzul gets question 1!

andrew posted the youtube video!

burnsee2 was first in with 450 nanometers!

darkship said...

Hey dayf if you try to get me at my email it might not come through the server at work is getting picky on those so if i don't answer let me know in this post somewhere. Also...what did I win? didn't even remember I picked I-Rod!! Thanks.

dayf said...

Yeah I e-mailed you today, it must have gotten eaten. I'll send you some stuff.