Friday, April 18, 2008

The 20 for $40 re-wrap: 2002 Leaf Hobby

For as much as I rag on Donruss, there was a time -- beginning around the middle of 2002, and ending towards the end of '03 -- when D'russ put out some pretty solid products. 2002 Leaf is such a product.

So I was surprised to see this pack in my junk pile. Let's dig in!

Gabe Kapler
Alright, Gabe Kapler! From Single-A manager, to 44th best fantasy player (as ranked by Yahoo!) in less than one year.

Ken Griffey, Jr.
Did you know Ken Griffey, Jr. is about to hit his 600th home run? I completely forgot he hit his 500th! I guess that's what happens when you play in a backwater like Cincinnati.

Mike Hampton
Over the last two years, Mike Hampton was paid over $29 million... FOR DOING NOTHING!!! Who says America is in a recession?

Bobby Abreu
C.J. Henry, Matt Smith, Jesus Sanchez, and Carlos Monasterios. These are the four "prospects" the Yankees gave up to get Abreu.


dayf said...

Did you just fling a Griffey card across the room?? That's worse than pack searching in my opinion.

You... you ... GRIFFEY CHUCKER!

Chris Harris said...

Not just a Griffey chucker, but a Abreu chucker, a Kapler chucker, AND a Hampton chucker!