Saturday, April 05, 2008

2008 Topps Finest

Here is a new wax pack I got in a box today from a local card shop. Hobby box details:
Release date - 04/02/2008
$ per hobby box - $135
# of packs per box - 18
# of cards per pack - 5
# of autos per hobby box - 3
# of franchise favorites per hobby box - 3
# of rookie redemption cards - 1
# of refractors per hobby box* - 12
# of finest moments cards - 6
Refractors are either Blue (499), Green (199), Black (99), Gold (50), Red (25) or white (1 of 1)

I like it when the pack wrappers are thin like this and easily ripped.

One of the subsets, Finest Moments, of a great player. Tom Glavine has been playing most of his 21 years for the Braves. I really admire players that have long careers and stick with only one or two teams. He is definitely a future HOF player.

One of the base cards. It's hard to believe this is Brandon Phillips seventh year in the Majors. I think the Reds got the better of the deal with the Indians back in 2006.

Another base card, this time of a Diamondback. He has played on several teams since 2000. He is well known for multiple radio and television shows that he hosts, on and off season.

A 'real' Rookie card of Erick Threets. After messing around in the Minors for years he finally got to the Majors in 2007 with the Giants.

Obviously an autograph of Hanley Ramirez. Originally signing with the Red Sox in 2000, he finally made it to the Majors in 2005. Currently he is one of the best Marlins players.

My review, I like the design of the cards with the crisp lines and the nice clean action photography. It is great getting 3 autographs in a box. They also have a good selection of players. I don't like that the cards are always curved. Also Topps cards has problems with silver on the edges getting chipped easily. My final gripe is the auto of Ramirez is not centered and goes into the black area. My final verdict is, I buy a box of Finest every year and really enjoy opening these packs. They look and feel like a high end card and I feel like I get my value. With the price being over $100 per box though, I won't ever pony up the cash to complete a set.


dayf said...

Wow, cool autograph. Most of the autos I've seen online have been for rookies, it's nice you were able to get a star for one of your autograph hits.

Wax Heaven said...

Wow....very interested in trading for that Hanley, if it's available.