Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy promo pack

I found four of these packs in the dollar grab bag bin of the card store I went to yesterday. They often have promo stuff like this in there and I like these cards so I cleaned 'em out. I'm not even sure what these are... box toppers? promos? giveaways? Who knows, I got 'em cheap at any rate. I know it's not hip to like such a ridiculous set (six thousand cards!!!) but I really like cards of players from the '30s to the '60s so I don't mind being uncool in this case. I'll pick one of them at random and rip the rest on my own site so you don't get Yankee fatigue. (shuffles the packs) I'll choose... this one.

Oh boy, Kevin Maas. There will be ample opportunity to mock this set after all!

YSL 5275 Kevin Maas
250 at bats in 1990 does not a Yankee Legend make. He did inspire a cool blog though. Let's see if he played in this game. Hey, Maas had a pretty good game. 1 for 2 with two walks and he scored on a Mel Hall home run. Why isn't Mel Hall on this card? Guess who got the win? Steve Howe. Yipes.

YSL 3048 Elston Howard
Now this is more like it. The player who integrated the Yankees, pushed Yogi to left field, won the 1963 MVP and invented the batting donut. This is a Yankee legend. He went 4 for 7 in this 15 inning marathon and then caught the second game of the doubleheader that evening! Mickey Mantle went nuts that day and had 3 home runs in the double header.

YSL 2940 YOGI!!!
Maas was just a decoy for the good cards in this pack apparently. Yogi transcends explanation. Yogi is Yogi. Yogi hit a homer in this game too, so bonus. Hey, so did Elston! Kevin Maas wasn't even born yet so no homer for him.

Ok, mock away at my mirror cards, but I got a got a Yogi so NYAAH NYAAHH.


Chris Harris said...

Are there any noticeable difference between these "promos," and the YSLs that come out of packs?

dayf said...

Nope. They look exactly the same. That's why I can't figure out what these packs are. I didn't think to ask while I was there.

John Farrish said...

I got the Same Kevin Maas card out of a regular pack of UD 08 that I bought on the same day!

Unknown said...

can someone help me out here? I have an unopened pack of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. How do I know how many are in here? It looks like three but I'm not sure. Are they all different or multiples of the top card that I see? Thanks for your help.