Friday, April 18, 2008

Mix and match

It's been a while since I graced this blog... but that's what happens when you don't find new cards in the area and have a lack of the green stuff hanging around.

However, I went into Wal-Mart recently and picked up a few packs to open. My scanner is down, so no scans, but wanted to share a few. Hoping to hit Cooperstown soon and find some hobby packs.
2008 Topps Heritage (2 packs)
242-Huston Street
106-Troy Glaus
349-Erik Bedard
219-Orlando Hudson
283-Miguel Cabrera
445-Kason Gabbard
336-Ian Kinsler (has a black back)

309-Craig Monroe
157-Aramis Ramirez
349-Erik Bedard (two packs and a double??)
164-Gil Meche
328-Garret Anderson
179-Austin Kearns
4TN - Then and Now - Jose Reyes/Luis Aparicio
371-Baseball Thrills -- Pedro 3000K.

2008 Topps77-Angel Guzman
261-Josh Barfield
107-Shawn Green
47-Orlando Cabrera
265-Fredi Gonzalez
44-Jonathan Broxton
WMDP7-Mickey Mantle insery
263-Nook Logan
111-Ibaldo Jimenez
95-John Lackey

2008 Upper Deck First Edition
140-Austin Kearns
238-Juan Uribe
227-Joe Nathan
196-David Ross
66-Jacque Jones
34-Tim Hudson
8-Vladimir Guerrero
72-Carlos Pena
235-Jon Garland
SQ4-Starquest Ken Griffey Jr.

I basically bought these to check out the new cards. I'll have to run my luck and try some hobby packs soon.

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