Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They're baaack! 2008 Topps Heritage

After being a cheapskate and holding off on buying cards for several weeks, I decided to resume my attempt to complete this here Heritage set. Submitted for your approval, three packs of eight.

Pack 1
132 Joe Koshansky Rookie Stars RC
275 Anibal Sanchez - It makes me feel so dirty when an idea for a Bermanism crosses my mind: Anibal "Crossing the Alps" Sanchez. At least it wasn't a 1970s rock reference.
366 Baseball Thrills: A-Rod Hits 500th Home Run - I like the triptych photo.

402 Dustin McGowan - Agh, a double.
270 Prince Fielder - And another.
291 Matt Chico and Jason Bergmann: Pitching Partners - Not that there's anything wrong with that.
450 Chipper Jones SP - How does this guy just keep hitting? We have to start talking about him as a Hall of Famer.
227 Shane Victorino black variation - "Shane is short of stature but big of desire." That's what we call a backhanded compliment, Mr. Card Back.

Pack 2
142 Rich Thompson Rookie Stars RC - Dang, I used up my Homer Thompson joke yesterday.
271 Andy Phillips - The former Yankee didn't make an error last year. But I'm sure New York's confident with Jason Giambi and Morgan Ensberg holding down first base this year. Heh.
367 Baseball Thrills: Troy Tulowitzki Turns Unassisted Triple Play - Already got it.
412 Jason Bartlett - Blurry, blurry, blurry. Ease up on the Photoshop, Topps.
207 Dave Roberts - Lots of Yankee torment to be had in this pack!
196 Jose Valverde - This guy shows off so much when he strikes a batter out that I soak up the schadenfreude whenever he blows a save.
488 Carlos Guillen All-Star SP - Sweet! Two short prints in two packs. Carlos is not what we call "TV-pretty".

338 Justin Verlander black variation

Pack 3
26 Fausto Carmona - How many hacky journalists made reference to the Indians' pitcher having made a deal with the devil during his great 2007 season? Plenty.

308 Daisuke Matsuzaka - He's only two years older than I am. Time will tell which of us is the better pitcher, though. I'm working on a knuckleball.
257 Jarrod Washburn - The O's have beat up on him twice this year, making him one of my new favorite players.
163 Brad Ausmus - "No catcher helps his hurlers more than Brad." Y'know, except for the whole "offensive contribution" thing.
411 Sergio Mitre - By the by, this is my third straight double in this pack.
337 Lyle Overbay - Not to be confused with Dana Carvey's character "Lyle the Effeminate Heterosexual".
461 Chone Figgins SP - I'm surprised by his .293 career batting average...he sneaks up on you.
60 Andy Pettitte black variation - Andy kills the O's, HGH or no.

Not bad, three-for-three with short prints. A few more doubles than I'd like, but more to trade!

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