Monday, April 21, 2008

The 20 for $40 re-wrap: 1996 Pacific Prisms and 1998 Finest series two

So I've decided what the winner of my contest will get. You will receive every single card I've pulled in both the 20-for-$40 and the 50-cent cheapo wax breaks -- minus whatever cards I actually need on my wantlist. (I might even throw in a few extra game used cards, if that fails to satisfy the winner.)

Onto the packs!

1998 Finest

John "C3P" Olerud
Kerry Wood
Harold Baines
Pat Hentgen
Joe Carter

No Protectors (1:2) Brian Hunter

1996 Pacific Prisms

Alex Fernandez

San Francisco Giants Team Card

Alex Fernandez is card #88, so our winner is "roof_god" who chose "87." To claim your prize, send me an e-mail ASAP.

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