Sunday, April 27, 2008

The 20 for $40 re-wrap: The Final Pack. 2000 Fleer Showcase

All good things must come to and end, and so this experiment in baseball card gonzo journalism does as well. Was it successful? Was it a failure? More experimentation is needed.

We finish up The 20 for $40 Re-Wrap with a really bad pack from a really, really, bad product: 2000 Fleer Showcase. With this set, Fleer took the one thing that made Flair Showcase unique -- the multi-tiered, multi-fractured base set -- and disposed of it with a formulaic 140-card set with 40 short-printed "rookies."


On the other hand, there are autographs to be had. You get a 1:24 chance of pulling an on-card "Fresh Ink," and a 1:250 of hitting an on-leather "Sweet Sigs."

And now, for the final time, here's the video.

Fernando Tatis
Did you know? Fernando Tatis was the first player in Major League history to hit two grand slams in the same inning?

Preston Wilson

Did you know? Preston Wilson's step-father AND uncle are Mookie Wilson. (Mookie's brother is Preston's father, but then Mookie married Preston's mother.)

Greg Maddux

Did you know? Greg Maddux shares the same birthday (April 14th) with his one-time teammates David Justice and Steve Avery.

Mike Piazza
Did you know? Mike is the godfather to Zakk Wylde's youngest son Hendrix. His full name is Hendrix Halen Michael Rhoads Wylde.

Fresh Ink (1:24) Kip Wells
Alright! An autograph of a career 64-91 pitcher!

Well, there it is; 20 packs o'junk. I did pull a pair of autographs and a few inserts, but I didn't get any RCs. All-in-all, these were cards I did not have a need for. Hopefully, Mr. Andrew Schmidt of Brighton, Michigan (the winner of my contest) will have a better use for them.


MMayes said...

I can't remember what card, but I remember another of Fernando Tatis' cards (I think from when he was with the Rangers) has a statement to the effect of "Did you know Fernando has the largest ears in MLB?" The politically correct police would be all over that by now.

capewood said...

I pulled the JD Drew Fresh Ink card from a pack of these when they were new. I hated JD Drew because he had stiffed the Phillies when they drafted him. Now I had an autograph card of his! I certainly wasn't going to throw it away. So I decided I had to start collecting JD Drew cards so the autograph card would have some company. In time I sort of grew to like the guy. Even a Phillies fan can overcome a grudge.

Later, I pulled a Bowman autographed xfractor card of JD's little brother Stephen. I really like that card.