Sunday, April 06, 2008

The 50-Cent Cheapo Pack Break: 1995 Donruss Series Two Hobby

I was going to do a video pack break of this, but while in the process of busting these packs, my internet connection went kaput. So in lieu of that, I'm just going to tell you what I pulled.

Pack #1

Kevin Young
Tom Brunansky
Steve "Coke Machine" Howe
Eric Plunk
Roger Mason
John Olerud
Mike Jackson
John Smoltz
Paul Shuey (Rated Rookie)
Mike Fetters
Bob Hamelin
Damon Buford

Pack #2

Anthony Young
Andy Van Slyke
Kevin Bass
Jeff Reboulet
Ryan Thompson
Mark McGwire
Marc Newfield
Andre Dawson
Scott Ruffcorn
Tim Wallach
Eric Young

All base, no inserts. And I have all of these cards already. If anyone wants them, they can be yours.

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