Monday, April 21, 2008

Where Were We? 2006 Topps Series Two Jumbo Box Break

Sorry for my untimely absence, but I just haven't been buying cards lately. I've been distracted with bigger, shinier purchases like an iPod classic. That's right, I'm one of the beautiful people now. As much as anyone with an entire playlist full of wrestling entrance themes can be considered beautiful...but I digress. Today you get pack number eight from a jumbo box I finished ripping in February. Now that's timeliness. But tomorrow I will give you a treat; some bad wax from the early Nineties. Huzzah!

371 Brad Hawpe
439 Ben Broussard - I love it when goofy baseball cliches sneak onto these cards. His blurb mentions what a good hitter Ben is with the bags "drunk".
363 Jermaine Dye - I hope he has a son named "JerMajesty", like Jermaine Jackson.
452 Jake Westbrook
354 Grady Sizemore - This pack is drunk with Indians.
461 Placido Polanco and his huge skull
344 Doug Davis, scourge of cancer. Cancer runs from Doug Davis.
469 Josh Willingham
TP-RF Rafael Furcal Trading Places - It almost looks as though they used the same photo twice, and just Photoshopped the Dodgers uni onto the second one.

OD-WI White Sox vs. Indians Opening Day
531 Juan Pierre - A Fire Joe Morgan favorite!
409 Edwin Encarnacion
385 Bill Hall - I still remember the game winning home run he hit on Mother's Day with his Mom in attendance. That was a great moment.
411 A.J. Burnett - $55 million well spent, right Jays fans?
390 Jake Peavy
587 Joe Torre MGR - What an awkward picture of Joe with his hands in his pants.

578 Wes Helms
356 Luis Matos - In Baltimore, "Matos" is Spanish for "Lazy".
591 Eric Wedge MGR - Ah, Eric's still rocking the 'stache in this shot. That's how I remember him from 1993 Topps.
429 Francisco Cordero - Who throws a chair, really?
454 Bobby Jenks
432 Brett Myers - Still don't think much of this guy, but the prank he pulled on poor Kyle Kendrick was classic.
MHR33 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #33
544 Mark Bellhorn
501 Emil Brown - Emil spelled backwards is "Lime". F'real.
446 Dustin Hermanson
550 Alfonso Soriano

628 Tim Corcoran RC
627 Matt Capps RC
413 Gregg Zaun - Anyone buy his "blank check" steroids defense?
425 Joe Kennedy - Rest in peace.
608 Cardinals Team Card
615 Diamondbacks Team Card
648 Brothers Orlando: Orlando Hernandez and Orlando Hudson - Huh? Brothers Orlando? Am I missing a reference here?
611 Rockies Team Card


Unknown said...

When I scrolled too quickly past the Furcal card, my brain whispered to me, "Transformers."

Eerily similar font.

William said...

I don't want to bust balls here, but I think Frank Francisco was the Rangers reliever who threw chairs into the A's stands, not Francisco Cordero. Here's a recap from that game:
I only know this because my brother loves the Rangers.

Kevin said...

Hey, bust away. I thought Cordero was a little too good to stoop to those chair-tossing shenanigans.

William said...

Frank Francisco is probably working for a chair manufacturer right now.