Tuesday, April 01, 2008

1986 Topps Baseball Tattoos

I received this pack, along with some other goodies, in the first part of a tradewith David from Indians Baseball Cards. Always. I barely remember these. If I bought any, it was probably only once. I think I passed on these for the rubdown sheets. Probably because the players looked more realistic.

With a cartoon of Pete Rose on the cover, I was ready for anything. I was not disappointed.

For those who can't read backwards, here the list of the 18 tattoos that were on sheet 4, which I recieved in the package.

Johnny Ray - Pirates
Darrell Evans - Tigers
Mike Davis - A's
Leon Durham - Cubs
generic fielder and generic batter
HAROLD BAINES!!!! - White Sox
Cal Ripken - Orioles
generic baseman and generic umpire
Glenn Hubbard - Braves
generic leaping fielder and generic catcher
generic runner and generic on deck batter
Ted Simmons - Brewers

22 year old stick of petrified bubble gum

The packaging looks better than most of the tattoos, but they still look cool in a retro way. This sheet (#4 of 24 sheets) seems to have most of the fringe and regional stars on it. Cal Ripken is the real superstar relegated to the sheet. Harold Baines and Darrell Evens seem to be the national exposured regional stars and Johnny Ray and Leon Durham seem to be the true regional stars. The other three would not register with the casual fan. I remember them though, but that's not saying much. I remember Jody Davis too.

The baseball fan in me loves the Cal Ripken, but the White Sox fan in me loves the Harold Baines and to a lesser extent, Leon Durham. Leon was briefly in the White Sox system at the end of his major league career, but never made it past Spring Training. He also played a precursor to Bill Buckner and Tony Graffanino.

This was a prety cool way to relive 1986 again. Thanks David! I'm working on my part of the trade already.


George said...

those tats are FANTASTIC. oh man i want me some - are these difficult to track down?


Captain Canuck said...

how can you not give props to Glenn Hubbard?????? The best outta the pack by far!

I need me some Hubby love!

Steve Gierman said...

You can get a whole box of them on eBay for about $5.

I always seemed to get Glenn Hubbard in packs, but never knew that much about him. If I got a Dale Murphy or a Bob Horner, I definitely would have given props. If it had the lower case A on the hat, it would've gotten a shout out.

capewood said...

There is a whole box of the things on eBay right now. The bid is at $0.99 with about $10 shipping. There's another at a buy-it-now price of $6.99 with $11 shipping. Looks like 36 packs in a box. I could deal with have one or two packs but not a whole box.


Steve Gierman said...

I've seen single packs for $0.75.

George said...

perfect... off to eBay i go...