Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guest Blogger - 1992 Stadium Club Series 3

Here's a guest rip from reader Greg A. It goes to show that not all packs are good ones...

I got this pack as a freebie with a large lot of football cards in a trade. I figured “Hey, nice bonus, wax to rip. What fun.” Unfortunately, this one was in the red on the Lame-meter. If Rick Cerone is the most well-known player in the pack, you know it’s not good. Let’s shred it:

614 Mariano Duncan

618 Craig Lefferts

622 Joe Magrane

625 John Smiley

655 Sid Fernandez

671 Barry Jones

705 Rick Cerone

709 Junior Noboa

749 Dennis Rasmussen

759 John Wetteland

778 Terry Leach

787 Mike Morgan

821 Al Newman

832 Scott Garrelts

867 Bruce Ruffin

Whew. A case study in commonness.

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