Saturday, April 05, 2008

2005 Fleer Classic Clippings

We've turned a corner in the storage box repack purchase and all the rest of the packs in the box are ones I'm actually kind of interested in opening. Classic Clippings is another generic "five for three" Fleer product, but I really like the gimmick that the set is based on. The 'clippings' part of Classic Clippings is an insert set where a rookie card has a fake newspaper box score from their MLB debut game stuck in a card like it's a big ol' patch or something. It's really hard to describe so see some for yourself. The chances of pulling one are not great, but at least the wrapper is cool. David Ortiz is looking at me as if to say "Maaan, you ain't gonna pull nothing good out of a crappy retail pack". Big Papi is wise.

10 Mike Piazza
48 Andruw Jones
34 Paul Konerko
Fleer Ultra ad decoy card
32 Nomar Garciaparra
50 Eric Chavez

Looks like we got a rivalry pack. Mike Piazza and Andruw Jones represent the Braves and Mets battle for the NL East, the Chicago teams fight it out with Nomah and Konerko and Eric Chavez is just kinda along for the ride. No rookies jerseys or inserts though. The pinstripe design is classy looking but I don't like the limit of 9 years of stats on the back due to the rigid frame for the stats. Nothin special about this pack though. Up next we have a twofer for your opening pleasure...

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