Saturday, April 19, 2008

2003 Fleer Patchworks

There's two things about this set that stand out to me. First, I remember when this first came out that there were a lot of complaints about the patches. This set wasn't really on my radar at the time but I recall a lot of problems with the patch cards. Delays, jerseys instead of patches, missing patches, etc. I might be totally wrong as this is from memory and I can't find anything online confirming it but that's just my recollection. The other thing is I never figured out what the heck the logo was supposed to mean. It's like a tire surrounded by a roman laurel crown with 7 stars representing witchcraft or something and there isn't a quilt anywhere to be found. No worries, it's a bad set that's easily forgettable and you can pick up the patch cards for pennies on the dollar nowadays.

46 Tom Glavine
68 Rafael Palmiero
54 Kazuhiro Sasaki
59 Greg Maddux
1 Luis Castillo

Two Braves and still meh. Whoever designed this just took all the standard bullcrap that showed up on premium cards and mashed it all together. Marbleized borders. Pinstripes. Way too much silver ink. UV coating on just the player. Ho hum. Another boring mid-aughts set. The Braves will enter my team collection and the rest, who knows? I am amused by Tom Glavine's "tribute to the Great Pumpkin" jersey though so there's that.


Captain Canuck said...

How sad.... I never collected this set (or any in in the early '00s)
but to get Glavine and Maddux in the same pack and still be disappointed...
Glad I missed this one...

Anonymous said...

Glavine's jersey is rather sincere.

jtanevismom06 said...

In what universe is Luis Castillo worthy of the #1 card in the set?