Thursday, April 24, 2008

2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres

This pack was showing on the side of one of those 8 for $10 repack boxes and I had to get it. This set was full of a bunch of good draft picks like Prince Fielder, Khalil Greene, Brian McCann and Scott Kazmir so it was worth a gamble. Autographs are only in Hobby packs, but I can't tell if this is retail or hobby. At two autos a box it's not the worst odds in the world. This pack has Prince Fielder and two guys I completely don't recognize on the wrapper. Let's see who's inside.

MM103 Tribute to McGwire
Blech. A hero worship card of someone who is no longer a hero. That's one card wasted...

28 Chris Snyder
The Diamondbacks' starting catcher. He's got the potential to be a 20 home run hitter, but he's slumping so far this year.

45 Rich Hill
Another big leaguer! Rich is currently the fourth starter for the Cubs and could win at least 10 games this year if he can keep his spot in the rotation.

HJM1 Joe Morgan Heroes of Baseball
Ugh. I don't like Joe Morgan. The man irritates the crap out of me.

I didn't get a relic or autograph, but I did get two major league caliber rookies and a couple of superstars I just don't care for. I'd buy this pack again if given the chance. Anyone know who those two guys on the wrapper are? It's starting to bug me.

Update - Mystery solved. I dug up the prospects I had (can ya believe I actually needed both Snyder and Hill?) and thanks to John Farrish was led straight to James Loney here:

And Chris Harris had it right with Royce Ring. Royce is in the Braves' bullpen and I still didn't recognize him. Thanks guys!


John Farrish said...

Is it Mark Buehrle on the left, and James Loney on the right? It may be too early to be Loney, although he was a first rounder of the Dodgers in '02.

Chris Harris said...

That's definitely Loney on the right. I believe that the dude on the left is Royce Ring, first round pick of the Sox in '02 (one pick ahead of the aforementioned Loney).

William said...

Chris, your knowledge gives the Rain Man a run for his money.

Steve Gierman said...

You are correct, that is Royce Ring.

DK said...

I would be willing to take that McGwire card off your hands.