Friday, April 25, 2008

Tri-Star "Uncover the Babe" 20-for-$20

I don't know why I did it. The box was just there, sitting on the shelf - ignored. I picked it up, turned it over in my hands a few times, and decided to buy the silly thing. It was a "20 packs for $20 plus a free autograph" box of Tri-Star Hidden Treasures "Uncover the Babe" repacks. 5 cards (giver or take) per repack. Well, they don't come much odder than Tri-Star, so I thought it would be a fun project for P-A-D. Guess we'll see. Now, before you roll your eyes and skip past this, don't worry - I am NOT posting all 20 packs. I'll open the first 3 and post my findings, then post the rest of them over on my Indians Cards blog (I really got take the "Always" off there...):

First, we have the wrapper:

Next, we have the "free auto:"

I have NO idea who this guy is/was. Want the auto? Let me know - 1st come, 1st get.

Now, the first pack of cards includes 1982 Donruss Leon Durham, 1992 Topps Brent Mayne, 1988 Donruss Rookies Shawn Abner, 1991 Upper Deck Rich Green, and 1987 Topps All-Star Send-in Rickey Henderson:

The second pack gives us 1986 Fleer Britt Burns, 1994 Bowman John Courtright, 1987 Topps Jim Presley, 1987 Topps Chris Codiroli, and 1993 Leaf Crime Dog:

The third pack out of the box includes 1989 Donruss Ricky Horton, 1990 Upper Deck Mark Portugal, 1991 Score Jack McDowell, 1989 Sportflics Dave Righetti, and a 1990 Upper Deck Dave Winfield:

As I said, I will be posting the remainder of the box on my blog (Indians Baseball Cards) over the weekend... Come join the fun, or run far, far away - the choice is yours...


William said...

You're either gonna pull about 36 more 1991 Donruss Steve Buechele's or a '52 Topps Mickey Mantle. Kind of all or nothing, no?

Unknown said...

I'll take the Mahomes!

--David said...

Evan, shoot me an email at davidinark@yahoo