Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's Old Is New: 1992 Triple Play

I dropped into the local hobby shop for three packs of Heritage yesterday (coming soon), and just couldn't pass up an impulse buy from the cheapo rack. 25 cents for 15 cards? Count me in! Let's rip my first-ever pack of 1992 Donruss Triple Play. I do have a small stack of these that were passed on from my friend Joe, who had a brief collecting phase around the age of ten. I remember him complaining about all the Jay Bell cards he used to pull. Are there any Jays lurking in this pack? Let's find out!

Triple Play Game scratchoff - Single, Home Run, Triple Play, Triple Play. Sweet! I won three packs of Triple Play. Now to set my time machine for March 1993 and cash this baby in...
149 Carlton Fisk - Starting off with a Hall of Famer is always nice.

123 Royce Clayton - His brother Royal was a Yankee minor leaguer. What an awesome name.
27 Chili Davis
142 Todd Van Poppel - In reference to the huge contract he signed after being drafted #1, I remember reading an article that used the phrase "Todd Van Poppel money". I try to work this into everyday conversation as often as I can.
148 Andy Van Slyke - "Don't ever try to be somebody you're not. The real you is the one people will like." That's an actual quote on the card back. Aww, I didn't know he cared.
154 Bobby Witt
160 Shawon Dunston - That's Shawon, not Shawn. Or Shaun. Or Sean. Or Shawne. Or even Chone.
75 Felix Jose - Holy jheri curl, Batman!

81 Robin Yount - As a kid, I pronounced his name "YOONT". Ah, the innocence of youth.
87 Fred McGriff - An action shot, with Crime Dog catching a pickoff throw as Milt Thompson lunges back to the bag.
93 Jeff Johnson
87 Fred McGriff - Aww, dip!
121 Awesome Action! - White Sox first baseman Matt Merullo catches a pickoff throw, nabbing a Toronto runner leaning too far.
115 George Brett - Third Hall of Famer in the pack. This would've been a fine showing in a Pack War.
109 Reggie Sanders - This is when he was a rookie with the Reds, the first of his fifty-four teams.

I can honestly say that I got my quarter's worth from this pack. And no Jay Bell!


dayf said...

Two Crime Dogs, sweet!

Matt Gasaway said...

Van Poppel wasn't drafted #1 overall - it was something like #17 overall. He was considered the best pitching prospect in the draft, however, and got the most cash.