Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mo' Better '52s

Folowing dayf's epic box break, I've got some of the same old stuff for you.
Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
7 Mickey Charles Mantle (SP)

43 Shane Youman
DD15 Dynamic Duo David Murphy/Jarrod Saltalamacchia

192 Carlos Maldonado
172 Ross Wolf

158 Kevin Melillo

Grade: Q for Quality.
A cool SP that uses space-age CGI to authentically re-create Mantle's actual debut at Yankee Stadium Winter Carnival '51...
A sweet insert of a guy who caused jersey manufacturers to crap their pants for fear of having to unveil their 360° stitching technique (not quite perfected)...

...and Thorzul goes ahead and discusses a 1990s teen television drama?

I got a Ross Wolf card in this pack. Never really heard too much about him before, but his name intrigues me. This Thursday, Lost will be back on the air for the first time in weeks. Lost stars Matthew Fox. Matthew Fox burst into the national consciousness via the show Party of Five. On Party of Five, Fox played the older brother/dad/surrogate role model/perpetual 3-day-beard-wearing sibling of Scott Wolf.


More insane rambling...
Carlos Maldonado brings to mind Candy Maldonado.
Melillo means "little apple."
"Candy Apple."

Shane Youman.
Sorry, I got nothin'.


dayf said...




Chris Harris said...

So are these from 2007 T52? Or '06T52? Or are they all from '01 Topps Heritage?

AlbuqwirkE said...

Ross Wolf is a super nice player. I'm looking forward to him being activated off the Isotopes DL and returning to the team as he is always willing to hang around after games and talk baseball.

I can't get enough of these 52 Rookies cards!

MMayes said...

You got nothing with Shane Youman? He can aspire to be the best player ever with You and Man in his name if he can beat the 30-34 record (ERA+ 100) of Floyd Youmans. He's got a ways to go.