Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Long March Onward: 2006 Topps Series Two Jumbo Box Break

I am feeling lucky, folks. The NFL draft is in about an hour, and yesterday I won a photo caption contest on local radio station 98 Rock. Because in-studio guest Ric Flair appreciated my "Figure Foreplay Leglock" pun, I am now the proud owner of four front-row tickets to tomorrow night's WWE Backlash pay-per-view at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore. If nothing else, it cements my status as APAD's resident wrestling geek. Let's commemorate this happy occasion by blogging pack number 9...number 9...number 9...of 12.

541 Oliver Perez - Showing off the high socks.
538 Mark Mulder
559 Jerry Hairston, Jr. - Psst, the steroids didn't work, Jerry.
525 Zach Duke
572 Todd Jones - I approve of the mustache, but not the homophobia.
516 Derrick Turnbow
375 Brady Clark
357 Orlando Hernandez - You may know him as "El Duque", which is Spanish for...the Duque.
367 Ray Durham
466 Jay Payton BLACK 22/55 - It looks neat and it's very rare, but it's still Jay Payton.
391 Casey Blake
338 Livan Hernandez
483 Jose Guillen - I read a hilarious book called Fantasyland. The author organized a three-man picket of the Angels facilities when the team suspended Guillen. He found out very quickly that the Angels hated the outfielder almost to a man.
484 Aaron Hill
563 Brad Ausmus
540 Gustavo Chacin Topps All-Star Rookie - Who wouldn't want to smell like him?
570 Todd Helton
636 Jim Edmonds
588 Ken Macha
464 Nick Swisher - He's no Steve Swisher...which is a good thing. He got lucky with recessive genes.
399 Joe Crede
373 Woody Williams - Shown practicing his bunting. Oookay.
MHR5 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #5
556 Rob Mackowiak
564 Yorvit Torrealba
498 Brad Thompson - Hello, Mr. Thompson.
634 Reggie Abercrombie RC
431 Julio Franco - Not pictured: The Ark of the Covenant.
579 Javier Vazquez
418 Johnny Estrada
618 Craig Hansen RC
654 Power Rays: Travis Lee and Rocco Baldelli - Let's see. In 2005, Lee hit 12 homers and Rocco missed the whole season with injuries. Feel the power!
605 Marlins Team Card
646 Bronx Zoo: Jason Giambi and Johnny Damon - I guess they represent the Monkey House of the zoo.
606 Astros Team Card

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