Monday, April 07, 2008

2005 Leaf

I miss Leaf. It was a little inconsistent and got lost in all the premium products but it could be a decent set in a good year. I especially like the 2005 set, it's a nice small set with some attainable SPs and good looking inserts. The 2005 edition also had the wonderful Sportscaster cards for their low-serial numbered Retro ripoff insert set. those cards were a real blast from the past, I remember the ads for them and while I never got any, I knew someone who had most of a set and it was a beauty to behold. A big pile of oddball sized, rounded corner obscure sports 70's athletes with incomprehensible hieroglyphs and color coding on the top. Beauty. Hopefully I can pull one in the penultimate pack from my storage box repack impulse buy.

26 Miguel Tejada
7 Jarrod Washburn
237 Ramon Ramirez prospect Black Parallel
219 Greg Dobbs prospect
222 Jason Bartlett prospect Autograph
Thick hunk o' cardboard
1 Bartolo Colon
130 Mike Piazza
75 Rondell White

Once again I live up to my "Lucky Bastard" reputation by pulling an autograph out of a freakin' repack box. I don't know how I do it either folks, if that Braves team set wasn't in that box I wouldn't have bought the thing at all... I'd say this pack is a Win, Bartlett is currently the starting shortstop for the Rays. Imagine that, a prospect card of a prospect that actually pans out. All three prospects are in the bigs right now as Ramirez toils in the Royals' pen and Dobbs is on the Phillies' bench backing up Pedro Feliz. This is kind of an odd pack as there are three prospect subset cards in it. Normally there is one of the high numbered subset cards (prospects, passing through time and team checklists) per pack, but I hit the trifecta with the autograph insert and a black foil parallel of prospects. The black foil retail insert is extremely useless by the way. There's no need for it at all, and the black makes it look like the printer screwed up and forgot to stamp the foil on the card. The rest of the pack is pretty typical. Miggy makes a repeat performance and I think this is the third or fourth Piazza I've pulled from the box. What the heck happened to Bartolo Colon though? In '05 he's the Cy Young winner, and now he's in the minors trying to make a comeback with the Red Sox. One pack to go, but I think it will be anticlimactic after this one.


darkship said...

Lucky Fool doesn't even begin to tell it!!

Andy said...

Colon got fat. That's what happened.