Tuesday, April 08, 2008

2007 Bowman

Here's the last pack from my baseball card storage box with 10 packs and a team set for 20 bucks out of nowhere impulse buy. It's been fruitful so far as I got an autograph, a Braves team set and a box to put 'em all in out of the deal. This Bowman pack is the lone 2007 representative in the box. I've all but given up on the Bowman base set since the Rookie card rules completely killed the brand strategy. Segregating the minor leaguers into an "insert set" doesn't feel right and the Chromes are just annoying considering Bowman Chrome gets their own set anyway. I purposely didn't buy much of this stuff knowing I would be able to snag a few packs cheap later on. There's an Evan Longoria auto in this set, so I'll cross my fingers and rip away.

87 Mike Lowell
67 Josh Barfield
186 Rafael Furcal
91 Josh Johnson
129 Pat Burrell
66 Gold Jose Contreras
BC33 Edwin Maysonet Chrome
BC89 Mike Madsen Chrome
BP33 Edwin Maysonet
BP27 Daniel Matienzo

Well, here's Exhibit A on why Bowman sucks. Boring veterans, a completely useless Gold parallel that's not even thick enough to be used as a decoy card, and some minor leaguers doubled up in a chrome and base set. This was the Edwin Maysonet hot pack, too bad he's a 26 year old middle infielder in double-A. Madsen is an A's pitching prospect in triple A and I don't think Matienzo even played last year. I did get a checklist to look over and it appears that the cover boy Hochevar wasn't even in the set. Maybe Topps was previewing the Bowman Draft Picks set, which is the only Bowman product worth buying. Well that's the box folks, let's review:

One 1100 count plastic storage box,
One 2007 Topps Braves team set,
Seventy-three base cards,
Six parallels,
Five inserts,
Four short prints,
One autograph of Jason Bartlett,
And nine posts for A Pack A Day.

Was it worth it? I think so.

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