Saturday, April 05, 2008

1994 Flair

Here's pack 5 out of the plastic repack box thingy I got. The second year of Flair has a snazzy box, super thick cards slathered in gloss and a gaudy foil exploding shield motif, but it's really not that special of a set. The only card worth a flip is the A-Rod rookie and he's worth twice the rest of the set by himself. Unfortunately this is a series 1 pack, where the big rookie hit is Chan Ho Park. It's not often you get to open up a hard pack though, so lets open this sucker up.

188 Darren Fletcher
185 Todd Worrell
172 Todd Jones
214 Jay Bell
232 Archi Cianfrocco
230 Todd Zeile
62 Jeff Montgomory
122 Todd Stottlemyre
246 Mark Portugal
3 of 10 Steve Karsay Wave of the Future

Wow, these are some really gorgeous looking crappy cards. I got an insert though, so that's something. Wave of the Future cards were always really cool to me, even when they got all weird and had lenticular fronts and goopy glittery fluid in them. Karsay was actually a decent pitcher too, and came over to the Braves when we pawned off Johnny Rocker on the Tribe. I can file this off in my Braves collection and wonder what the hell it's doing in there in a decade or so. The rest of the pack is dreadful, even if the Tigers' current closer is in there. I like the Fletcher card just for the blindingly bright red chest protector and knee pads. They really pop off the card thanks to space-age Flair technology.

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