Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The 20 for $40 re-wrap: 1999 Team Best Baseball America's Top Prospects

Oh Christ. It's a pack of Minor League cards.

Does anybody know what ever happened to Team Best? The website listed on the wrapper now goes to some sort of medical services company.

The gimmick behind this 100-card set, is all the top 100 prospects for 1999 as selected by Baseball America. To refresh your memory, here was BA's list of the top 10 prospects:

1. J.D. Drew, of, Cardinals
2. Rick Ankiel, lhp, Cardinals
3. Eric Chavez, 3b, Athletics
4. Bruce Chen, lhp, Braves
5. Brad Penny, rhp, Diamondbacks
6. Michael Barrett, 3b/c, Expos
7. Ryan Anderson, lhp, Mariners
8. Pablo Ozuna, ss, Marlins
9. Ruben Mateo, of, Rangers
10. Matt Clement, rhp, Padres

There are six cards in this pack. Let's see how many of these guys are still in the Majors (HIT), and which ones aren't (MISS).

Jin Ho Cho (#24)
22-year old Korean Jin Ho made his Major League debut with the Red Sox on the Fourth of July, 1998. In two seasons with the Red Sox, Jin Ho compiled a 2-6 record with an ERA of 6.52. Out of Baseball by 2000. BUST

Jayson Werth (#94)
Werth was the 22nd player selected in the 1997 draft by the Orioles. It would be another five years until he made his debut with the Blue Jays. He's currently platooning with Geoff Jenkins in right field for the Phightin' Phils. HIT

Tim Drew (#35)
Was selected six picks after Werth -- and 26 after brother J.D -- by Cleveland. Last pitched in the Majors with Atlanta in '04, compiling a career record of 2-4 with 2 saves and an ERA of 7.02 in 35 appearances. Now pitching for Bridgeport of the Atlantic League. BUST

Ron Belliard (#12)
A 2004 All-Star, Belliard is now the everyday second baseman for Washington. HIT

Cody McKay (#65)
Journeyman catcher who bounced around the minors before finally making The Show in '02 with Oakland. Last played in The Bigs for the Cardinals in '04. Named in the Mitchell report. BUST

Ben Davis (#30)
Was called by USA Today the best high school catcher since Dale Murphy, before being picked second overall in the '95 draft by the Padres, but failed to live up to expectations. Has played for San Diego, Seattle, and the White Sox. Currently in the Orioles minor league system. BUST

Two HITS and four BUSTS, which is about what I expected from a nine-year old pack of minor league cards.

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