Saturday, April 12, 2008

2007 Topps '52 Rookies (Hosted by Prince Fielder)

While we have had guest pack presenters on this blog before, this is the first time an active player has taken time out of his busy schedule to lend a hand. Today we've got Prince Fielder, who was honored last Sunday with a bobblehead, ripping a pack of last year's Topps '52 Rookies

Let's tear in, slugger.

First card. That looks like a familiar jersey to me. What do you think, Prince. Shall we take a closer (and clearer) look?

Yup, sure enough, that's your buddy Ryan Braun (#20). That alone makes this pack a winner. The rest could be stuffed with coffee-stained 1988 Donruss Paul Assenmachers and we'd still be happy.

How does this make you feel, big guy?

Yeah, me too, but there's five more cards to check out. Let's keep going.

Hmmm, kind of a let-down. This is #42 Danny Putnam of the A's. What's that do for you, Prince?

Good Lord, it's just a baseball card! There's no need to hit me and feast upon my entrails. You are a vegetarian, after all. Why don't we try to move past this one and see what other treasures await us?

Excellent. This Dynamic Duo insert card of Tim Lincecum and Nate Schierholtz (#DD1) should bring that blood pressure down.

I think it'd be best if we just get through the rest of this pack as quickly as possible. You're starting to make "yummy noises," and I can tell from the reflection in your pupils that when you look at me, your imagination has turned my head into a giant stalk of broccoli. Let's get to cards four, five, and six, and then you can go hit some home runs or something.

Wait...what? I'm so confused with what's going on right now. We've got #177 Marcus Gwynn, #160 Ubaldo Jimenez, and #147 Cesar Jimenez. Those last two are not brothers, but I'm not entirely sure I don't have a couple of clones on my hands with the two of you. (Although the skin colors don't quite match, perplexing me even further.)

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. You wanted to plug the little plaque you've got there. Yes, it is agreed upon here. You are awesome.

Crimeny, what in the world is going on now? Asexual reproduction like a mug! Are you Prince III or something? I turn my back and this Russian nesting doll pops out. I need to leave right away. Maybe I'll hop over to Thorzul Will Rule where the laws of nature still apply. That was a good pack, but my head is spinning. See ya later!


Dinged Corners said...

This post should win a Pulitzer prize.

William said...

"The rest could be stuffed with coffee-stained 1988 Donruss Paul Assenmachers and we'd still be happy" -- best quote ever.

Unknown said...

A little research on the Assenmacher leads me to believe that I've referenced a card that doesn't exist. Can somebody verify this for me?

Chris Harris said...

Assenmacher was NOT in '88 D'Russ.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Chris.
That's really weird. I thought of a random player, set, and year that = bad card, and that's what my brain came up with. He did have Topps and Fleer cards, though. Bizarre.

Chris Harris said...

He had a card in '88T and '89D, but not in either '88D or '89T.

His RCs, or XRCs as it were, are in '86 Fleer Update, Topps Traded, and Donruss The Rookies.