Wednesday, October 01, 2008

1980 Topps Football Wax Fun, Part II

Ok... I'll admit that part two of this 1980 Topps football wax break may not be as "fun" as part one was. As a matter of fact, as you will see, I get downright irritated. One probably needs to be a longtime collector to really appreciate the mediocrity of the 1980 Topps football set (I'm talking about both the design and the photos here... And what else is there?) I also procure proof of blatant false advertising on the part of Topps, with a lie so devious -- so calculated -- that the sting of unforgiving betrayal burns deep within my soul to this very day.

Will the 24 cards featured in these two packs heal the crippling wound I still feel some 28 years later?

Don't bet on it.


Billy Suter said...

Do you think the reason there are so many pictures with people without helmets sitting on the sidelines is because Topps didn't have a contract with the NFL? I bet the people who chose the pictures did that so they wouldn't have to airbrush every card.

Anonymous said...

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