Tuesday, October 07, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Blister Pack

I was torn between buying a blaster box or a blister pack of these during another visit to the local mega-giant retailer. I opted for the blister over the blaster for one reason: The blaster says "One Bonus Pack in Every Box!" down the side of it. How can it be a bonus pack if the retail box design incorporates the fact that there is an "extra" pack in it?? And, why do they even bother saying 'extra pack' anyway? We're all so jaded on the companies as it is, do we really even NEED another reason? I guess so...

The pack features a whopping FOUR cards! Let's just hope there is someone worth collecting in here...

Felix Hernandez (Mariners). Had his first shutout in '06 against the Angels, according to the back of his card. Yeehaw.

Hey, look at this! The ORIGINAL "Pappa!" Willie Stargell (Pirates HOFer)! I actually used to watch him play when I was kid! Ahhh, the days when Steeltown was Tops! Oh, these are Upper Deck, aren't they?

Next up is Big Frank Thomas (Blue Jays). I have to admit, it is weird seeing Thomas on a card wearing a uniform other than the Sox. On 06/28/07, he belted his 500th homer.

Whitey Ford (Yankees), playing with his two balls. Well, not so much playing as he is showing them off. Of course when you pitch back-to-back no-hitters, not only do you get more than your fair share of hyphens, you get to hold your balls for the world to see!

Overall, a couple of HOFers and a guy who will most likely end up a HOFer one day. Not a bad blister, I believe.

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