Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1989 Fleer Baseball... PINSTRIPES!!!

Well, it's time to bust open some more wax. This time, it's real wax. 1989 Fleer baseball. There's a few good rookies in this set. Unfortunately, Fleer only stopped printing them last spring.
But press on we must!
I obtained this pack as an unexpected free gift from an ebay seller that I bought a couple of Braves team sets from. It's sellers like this that would make ebay great, if only there were more of them. I even wrote his name down so I could buy from him again..... but I lost that damn piece of paper. *sigh*
A salute to you, Mr Anonymous ebay gift giver!

Peeking through the wrapper, it looks like I can see a familiar shape.........
It's a Kansas City Royals sticker! I miss stickers.... somebody need to start doing them again.
Anybody admitting to loving the Royals? This card could be yours....
Up next, Bruce Sutter - Braves! Yeah baby! Bruce had just recorded his 300th save in '88... although he was pretty much done by the time this picture was taken...

Felix Fermin - Pirates
Joe Magrane - Cardinals
Jody Reed - BoSox - going in the mail pile for Jackplumstead
Keith Brown - Reds
Fred Manrique - White Sox - wow. Look at those glasses. wow. It's no wonder Fred was on his 4th team in 4 years. Fred is going in the mail pile for Steve over at White Sox Cards

Andy McGafigan - Expos
Mike Moore - Mariners
Paul Gibson - Tigers
Steve Sax - Dodgers
Will Clark - Giants - Will kinda exploded on the scene, becoming one of those "must have" cards in the late '80's early '90's... then he fell of the face of the Earth.
Craig Worthington - Orioles
Rafael Ramirez - Astros - a former Brave, all glove, no hit.
Stan Javier - A's
Ken Griffey Jr. !!!!
I never pulled one of these back in '89.... still kinda gave me a thrill pulling it out of this pack.
Come to think of it.... I not only miss those damn stickers.... I miss the thrill of pulling that elusive rookie or favourite player out of a pack. Base card, I mean, as I build the entire set and put them in pages... crossing out the new acquisitions off of my "need" list. No autos... no swatches... no short prints... no damn gimmick cards.... (except maybe a prank or two on Billy Ripken)
I miss those days.


dayf said...



I have opened up boxes of that stuff and the only one that had a Griffey in it was the factory set.

Oh, and RE: Royals
I know at least 5 people who collect Royals. My Royals are mostly gone. Someone will claim that sticker.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

amen! next year for one of their 22 products topps needs to put out a retro low price wax pack set with no inserts gimmicks autos jerseys or any of that stuff. it would probably be their biggest seller of the year

Goose Joak said...

I'll second Jeffrey Wolfe. That'd be awesome.

madding said...

Ahh, the last good Fleer base set. Good times.

darkship said...

OOOO!!!! royals Sticker!! If you're still looking to get rid of it I'll take it!