Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hockey Week - 1990 Pro Set

The Rangers swept the Lightning in Prague (good for my Thrashers) and Ottawa and Pittsburgh split in Sweden. I said Norway in the last post. My bad. The real season kicks off on Thursday (I think) but I have plenty of hockey wax to rip before then. Here's the second pack from my plastic hockey rookie+packs thingy: 1990 Pro Set. This colorful set, like everything else in the early '90s, was overproduced to hell and as a result we can rip it to our hearts content. We'll be ripping this stuff long after the oil has run dry, the banks have all failed and the governments have all collapsed. Won't that be a wonderful day! Just us and our cases of '90 Pro Set, ripping happily as Western Civilization burns all around us. Let's open.

126 Luc Robitaille
334 Teppo Numminen
154 Craig Ludwig
8 Craig Janney
247 Mike Hough
197 Ron Greschner
261 Gino Cavallini
173 Janne Ojanen
195 Jan Erixon
136 Ulf Dahlen (bent. how does a card get bent in the middle of a pack?)
244 Lucien DeBlois
268 Sergio Momesso
364 Phil Housley All Star
221 Gordon Murphy
31 Pierre Turgeon
10 cent off coupon
another 10 cent off coupon!

Other than the extra 10 cent coupon, this was a pretty lackluster pack. Robitaille's a damn good player, and so are Turgeon and Janney, but overall kinda blah. Not even a goalie in here. Since it's late on a Sunday night, I'm going to make things easy on myself and show off the awesome defunct team logos out of the pack instead. I'll start off with two from teams currently in the NHL:

Buffalo Sabres Swords Logo

Much much better than the slug. My guess is the team will one day move to Helena, Montana and rename themselves the Buffaloes.

New Jersey Devils Christmas Edition Logo

Anybody remember the old red and green sweaters? Looks more like Santa than Satan. They won all their cups after changing to red & black which goes to show that evil always wins.

Ex-NHL teams, AKA why in the world should there be hockey teams actually playing in Canada? Stupid NHL.

Minnesota North Stars

Ok, not technically in Canada, but close enough. The North Stars ditched the north and moved to Dallas while Minnesota watered down the NHL even further with a new team named after the most wretched animated film ever. The logo is nifty and scientific, as the N points to what is presumably Polaris.
Quebec Nordiques

Seriously, what the hell is a Nordique? Northerners? Really? Pretty much every person in Canada is a Northerner to everyone except polar bears. I have never been able to explain the symbolism in this logo, and I've got an English degree, so I'm practically a professional bullshitter. Well, there's an N, I think, and a hockey stick and somehow a puck balanced perfectly on the edge and it's supposed to look like... um, half a Zamboni.. or maybe a fat guy with no head or arms playing hockey... er, oh hell, I don't know. This logo was definitely made in the '70s and you know what kind of stuff they smoked back then.

Winnipeg Jets

Now this is a kick ass logo! Lotsa kinetic energy, and a hockey stick and a little jet going WHOOSH! There's a great history of jets in Winnipeg including a famous mishap, so it's a topical name too. I still can't believe they took this team away from people who could appreciate it and moved them to the desert. Weak. Move a team back up there, NHL! You can have the Thrashers if you want, no one'll miss em.

Since you read this far, you get 10cents off your next imaginary purchase from Pro Set. Don't spend that money all in one place!


madding said...

I don't know anything about hockey, but I loved Luc Robitaille. I used to have one of his Score cards on my dorm room doors when I was in college. Also, I liked playing NHL '94 or some year. That's pretty much the extent of my hockey knowledge.

shoeboxlegends said...

Great post Dave. I've got so much 1990 Pro-Set (both opened and unopened) I could probably burn some over the winter to save on heating costs.