Monday, October 27, 2008

2003 Donruss

Here is pack two of the incredibly dusty Fairfield repack box I bought at Target a week ago. Again, the main allure to this for me was that a Bowman Heritage pack was glued to the box. Seeing an actual, factual Donruss baseball pack was certainly a plus, too. I think it's been mentioned before, but the glue they use to display the packs the way they want to could probably adhere space shuttle parts to each other and survive space flight. Somehow I was able to jackhammer this pack loose. It promises 13 cards and tells tall tales of possible cards from 17 different insert sets. That seems fairly excessive.

11 - Nomar Garciaparra Diamond Kings (It's not Dick Perez, but it'll do.)

24 - Cliff Lee (I'm not sure I'm so fond of this more modern Rated Rookie logo. Cliff Lee had a huge season, but this is not an actual rookie card, so it probably won't ever be worth anything to anyone who isn't an Indians or Lee collector.)
74 - David Eckstein (Here's Eckstein as a member of the Anaheim Angels of Anaheim, California.)
108 - Joe Crede
122 - Earl Snyder (Whoever Earl is, he apparently was not "rated" enough to be a Rated Rookie.)
175 - Scott Hatteberg (The copy editor is okay with redundancy. "In his first season with the A's, Hatteberg excelled offensively and continued his reputation as one of the game's best clutch hitters when the game is on the line." Wait, do baseball card companies even have copy editors?)

205 - Chan Ho Park (According to his page, Park made $15,505,142 for his services in 2006.)
213 - Frank Catalanotto
235 - Byung-Hyun Kim (Another closer who faded quickly.)
306 - Eric Gagne (I don't know what to say about this guy other than that I need to stop getting his cards.)

324 - Javier Vazquez (What's that funny looking hat on his head? Is this a minor league card?)
384 - Jason Schmidt (Somewhere, a Giants fan is smirking.)

376 - Jeff Kent (Kent seems like kind of a jerk, so I won't show his face. Instead, you get the stats on the back. He's one of the few players that played before I stopped collecting that is still active.)

All in all, it's not a bad looking design. I didn't get any Cardinals, which is unfortunate because I don't think I have any from this set.

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Joe Martelli Jr. said...

All in all that was a pretty good pack. I miss Rated Rookies!