Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 SP Authentic Hobby

I picked up a pack of this stuff with the Topps Updates packs I bought. Thorzul's rip didn't quite scare me off, I'm afraid. Besides, now I have the first SP Authentic HOBBY pack ripped on A Pack A Day. Excuse me while I do my superior dance.

17 Carlos Beltran
28 Jimmy Rollins
YSL2835 H M 1958 NFL Championship Game
40 Carlos Lee
MM-22 Chase Utley & Randy Johnson Marquee Matchups

This was a Phillies pack for sure. J-Roll's not doing too hot though, he's 0-9 so far in the World Series. The base cards look pretty dang good to me, but I swear I've seen this design before somewhere. SP Authentic always has a pretty low key base design though. I really like the Marquee Matchup cards. Upper Deck can keep recycling old '90s inserts as long as they want as far as I'm concerned. I have no idea what Chase Utley and Randy Johnson have to do with each other though. The card looks good and the foil is a sort of gold holographic shiny substance. There's no odds for them on the back, maybe they're one a pack or something like that. There are actually oddso n the back, a rarity for Upper Deck recently. Yankee Stadium 1:4, Yankee Stadium Memorabilia 1:288, Autographs 1:8. I hit the 1:4 and got a fantastic Yankee Stadium Legacy card of the 1958 NFL Championship game between the Colts and Giants. The Greatest Game Ever Played. That right there was as good as an autograph to me. Nice to see Upper Deck throw in a few curveballs to make an otherwise tedious set interesting.

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madding said...

I didn't know the put non-Yankees on the YSL cards. It would have been nice to occasionally feature opposing players in memorable games, I suppose.